Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How do get help with your research needs!

To receive assistance in answering your (blog readers) research needs please address inquiries to the following:

Mail may be addressed to The Vacation Lane Group at P.O. Box 327, Reedville, Virginia 22539. Phone 804-453-3410 E-mail is or and a barebones website is maintained at

The blog reference is

To the extent possible inquiries are addressed on a FIFO [first in first out basis] but I reserve the right to prioritize my research for Congress including members and staff, federal departments and agencies other than FEMA/DHS, DHS/OIG and GAO and other nonprofit think tanks and academics. I rarely assist profit making organizations unless I have some particular interest in their needs. I am a non-profit corporation and do occassionally accept stipends and grants which are reported as income for my nonprofit corporation the Vacation Lane Group, Inc. To the extent possible I do conduct all research activity for free. Sometimes I do accept limited expenses.