Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VLG Technical Note-Evacuation

I was asked to give a speech in NOLA the first week of February and then had to cancel out. I was assigned the topic not one of my favorite subjects but very important since the alternative to evacuation as a protective action may be sheltering in place which is technically complex to accomplish.
My quick notes for the speech not given might be of some use to others and therefore are presented here. Elaboration of course can be given if someone wants me to do so.
So for what they are worth they follow:
VLG Technical Note 2010-4-20

Quick Thoughts for Lecture on Evacuation

Evacuation: Organized, phased, and supervised withdrawal, dispersal, or removal of civilians from dangerous or potentially dangerous areas, and their reception and care in safe areas. (NIMS)—GWU Glossary of Terms February 2007

An overview of why, when, why, and how


1. The Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, Public Law 920, 81st Congress;
2. Crisis Relocation [PD-41 adopted by President Carter];
3. Three Mile Island;
4. Radiological Emergency Preparedness;
5. Warnings and Watches from the National Hurricane Center;
6. State Laws and local ordinances;
7. Special populations;
8. Transportation Dependent population;
9. Federal law and guidance;
10. Research on Evacuation Shadow and Spontaneous Evacuations


1. Service Level F;
2. Letter Agreements with transportation providers;
3. Organization of Evacuations;
4. Implementation of Evacuations;
5. Protective Action Recommendations:
6. Protective Action Decisions;
7. Enforcement and accountability;
8. FEMA implementation of Section 622 of PKEMA of 2006 which mandates FEMA technical assistance to STATES on evacuation. Note however that the FEMA Hurricane Preparedness Program has long provided assistance to STATE and LOCAL governments on evacuation studies and their implementations. Blue Hurricane evac signs often paid for by FEMA.
Oh and I probably should mention even though a lawyer I was a fact witness for the licensing of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station for FEMA which first recommended a shelter in place at Seabrook and then recommended a PAR of evacuation. I was deposed by both the license applicants lawyers and the Union of Concerned Scientists for several days and then several months later was a witness before the ASLB for Seabrook. All of course officially in records of the NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission]!