Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homeland Security Law & Policy-Nicholson Editor

This is a bald faced plug for a book published containing a chapter co-authored by me.

Homeland Security Law and Policy, Charles C. Thomas, Ltd. (2005)
ISBN 978-0-398-07582-8 (hardcover)

Homeland Security Law and Policy

William C. Nicholson

Foreword Senator Joseph Biden

Section I: Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Chapter 1: What is Homeland Security?

Chapter 2: The Evolution of Emergency Management: From FEMA to the Department of Homeland Security - The HAZMAT Chronicle
William Cumming, Esq. FEMA Office of General Counsel, Retired
Richard Sylves, PhD
University of Delaware

Chapter 3: The Shape of Emergency Response and Emergency Management in the Aftermath of the Homeland Security Act of 2002: Adopting the National Response Plan and the National Incident Management System
William C. Nicholson, Esq.

Section II. Local, State, and Regional Perspectives

Chapter 4: Homeland Security from the Local Perspective
Frances Winslow, Ph.D., San Jose, CA Office of Emergency Services

Chapter 5: Homeland Security Initiatives and Emergency Management in Metro Areas: The Pennsylvania Perspective
Louise Comfort, PhD, Professor of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh

Chapter 6: Homeland Security from the State Perspective
Collaboration is the Key: Intergovernmental coalition issues homeland security policy recommendations
Amy C. Hughes, NEMA

Section III: Partnering for Homeland Security

Chapter 7: New Partnerships for Homeland Security:
Government, Private Sector, and Higher Education
Monica Teets Farris, PhD, University of New Orleans

Chapter 8: Partnering with the Department of Defense for Improved Homeland Security
Gregory M. Huckabee, Esq.
Adjunct Professor of Law
University of South Dakota
(Author of the recently released Defense Threat Reduction Agency legal deskbook)

Section IV: Civil Rights Issues

Chapter 9: Insatiable Appetite: The Government’s Demand for New and Unnecessary Powers after September 11th
An ACLU Report

Chapter 10: Anti-Terrorism Efforts, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Paul Rosenzweig, The Heritage Foundation

Chapter 11: Enforcement of U.S. Immigration Law: Implications of Authorizing State and Local Law Enforcement to Implement a Civil Regulatory Program
Jennifer Deasy, MJ

Section V: Challenges in Transportation

Chapter 12: Mass Transit and Homeland Security: Policy Issues
Eva Lerner-Lam, President
Palisades Consulting Group, Inc.

Chapter 13: Post 9/11 Challenges for Aviation Security
Frank J. Costello, Esq.
Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger, L.L.P.
Chairman of the Aviation Committee of the American Bar
Association's Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law.

Chapter 14: Planning for Port Security
CSM Gaetano Gravino, President
W 7 Consulting

Section VI: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chapter 15: Natural Disaster and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Policy Issues and Implications
Ann Strack Angelheart, PhD
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Chapter 16: The Domestic Law on Weapons of Mass Destruction: Focus on Bioterrorism
Professor Leslie Gielow Jacobs
University of the Pacific
McGeorge School of Law

Chapter 17: International Controls on Weapons of Mass Destruction
Professor Barry Kellman
DePaul University School of Law

Section VII: Future Challenges for Homeland Security

Chapter 18: Foreign Views of U.S. Darken Since Sept. 11
New York Times September 11, 2003

Chapter 19: The Future of the USA PATRIOT Act

Chapter 20: Conclusion


Appendix 1: Terrorism-oriented web sites
Appendix 2: State law definitions of terrorism